Chatting up Women – What Your New Man Wants You To Never Discover

Chatting Up Women
Ladies I would like you for a brief moment to pause and reflect on the challenge facing men when it comes to making first contact. You see I wish I was James Bond. Strolling into a bar, with all the ladies looking admiringly at me, before casually dropping a humorous, yet sexy, line to the hottest woman in the place. But I’m not. I am Dave, born in Essex, and brought up on a solid diet of the idea that rejection is a bad thing.

How I think I look to women
Avoidance Tactics
For me the challenges of chatting up women manifest at two levels; having the courage to go up and speak to a woman I don’t know (or as the ‘pro’s’ call it approach anxiety) and then actually managing to say something.

The brutal reality is that I used to bail out more often than I got to a point where my mouth is required to act. In my mind there was always a plan B. As I approached if I saw the slightest sign of the target female looking anxious, about to talk to her boyfriend, searching for a weapon or just plain angry with me, I would swerve to the right or left and either head to a toilet (if they are on a path that looks like an obvious trajectory) or pause, look skyward (like Columbo possibly even holding up an index finger) as though something of massive importance has literally just occurred to me, swivel around and rush back giving the illusion of urgency.

If I actually decided to remain on course and make contact, the words I want to say, all so clear when I first set out from […]

How To Impress A Girl – What Every Man Needs To Know About Women

How To Impress A Girl – What Every Man Needs To Know About Women
There are many men, and probably quite a few women, better qualified than me to comment on how to impress a girl. Having said that I am pleased that buried within my own patchy, but reasonable dating track record, are some principles that I like to think stand true in the colourful world of dating. As with any principles there are always exceptions. When I was on a lads holiday in Camber Sands as a fresh faced seventeen year old, the only fit girl on the campsite chose to get off with me instead of my better looking, cleverer and taller friends. It was a one off event that confuses me to this day. These days I prefer to operate to some well-tested principles that at least maximise my chances with the vast majority of the female population.
1. Interests are not interesting
Unless your eyes first met across a scale model of Davros at a Doctor Who exhibition, you are probably best avoiding the subject of your own Dr. Who obsession until you have established what your date’s interests are. I can wax lyrically about the impact Gary Numan had on the whole future of music when he first exploded on the scene in 1979, for hours. It has proved remarkably unsuccessful as a source of attraction with women when I am dating (having said that my first proper date with my ex-wife of eight years was a Gary Numan convention – there are always exceptions people) Far safer to establish what her interests are first and direct the conversation towards those things first. These requires the diligent application of my second […]

Online Dating sites

PRESS RELEASE  – Author Dave Gammon hits back at the online dating industry following recent allegations that they use fictitious profiles to maintain the interests of their paying members.

Dave Gammon comments as follows

“You bastards. I knew it.

From my earliest online sharking something didn’t feel right in the relationship with the dating sites. You see, in my head, there is an order to things. I know where I sit in the attraction pecking order. I am not premiership, but am not pub league, if you know what I mean.

Yet online I get approached by women who would not give me a fleeting glance in the street, let alone grant me underwear access privileges.  Even with the considerable handicap of being the opposite of photogenic (apart from the one in a thousand shot we all have where we a strange combination of light, camera angle and pose made me look rugged and, dare I say it, sexy) I had a succession of screaming hotties message and indicate interest. The dating game was never this easy for me

It cost me many a sleepless night trying to figure out why the hours I spent skillfully crafting a witty and considered response to their invitations seemed to consistently elicit no response. I studied and acted on the dating tips and dating advice but it made no difference. I chalked this down to one of two things. Either my idea of interesting banter was not shared by good looking women, or that they had undertaken a forensic examination of my profile and found something that didn’t quite tie up.

My suspicions were particularly aroused when a friend and I registered (separately I might add here) for a naughty site that had […]