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Pineapple Chicken Electric_dreams

I searched everywhere for the recipe for what has been a significant piece of my culinary history but to no avail. The following is to the best of my memory and is not to be trusted in an early stage of any relationship.

Chicken Breast (about two) cut into cubes or alternatively if you are a lazy fucker buy a packet of pre-cubed breast meat. Fry this in a frying pan with a splash of olive oil (back then I used Crisp and Dry but not sure you can even get that now)

Chop up a pineapple into cubes or rings (I don’t care what you do but remember that women don’t tend to enjoy eating on a date so gob size pieces are preferable)

I am sure there was something red that went in it. Most likely a pepper and possibly an onion.

I don’t think there was any garlic as I was not sophisticated enough to eat that at the time, and largely associated it with French people.

I used packet noodles that you bought and boiled in water.

On reflection it is a shit recipe and is partially reproduced here for its comedic value only