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PRESS RELEASE  – Author Dave Gammon hits back at the online dating industry following recent allegations that they use fictitious profiles to maintain the interests of their paying members.

Dave Gammon comments as follows

“You bastards. I knew it.

From my earliest online sharking something didn’t feel right in the relationship with the dating sites. You see, in my head, there is an order to things. I know where I sit in the attraction pecking order. I am not premiership, but am not pub league, if you know what I mean.

Yet online I get approached by women who would not give me a fleeting glance in the street, let alone grant me underwear access privileges.  Even with the considerable handicap of being the opposite of photogenic (apart from the one in a thousand shot we all have where we a strange combination of light, camera angle and pose made me look rugged and, dare I say it, sexy) I had a succession of screaming hotties message and indicate interest. The dating game was never this easy for me

It cost me many a sleepless night trying to figure out why the hours I spent skillfully crafting a witty and considered response to their invitations seemed to consistently elicit no response. I studied and acted on the dating tips and dating advice but it made no difference. I chalked this down to one of two things. Either my idea of interesting banter was not shared by good looking women, or that they had undertaken a forensic examination of my profile and found something that didn’t quite tie up.

My suspicions were particularly aroused when a friend and I registered (separately I might add here) for a naughty site that had the express goal of helping you to get a girl or a guy (and sometimes both) who was interested in causal sexual encounters only. This seemed a great idea in principle and it wasn’t long before my, slightly bashful profile, including my ‘rugged’ picture began to attract some attention. From the messages all of the women were more forward than I was used to but seemed to be genuinely interested in opportunities to indulge my, pleasures, and in so doing attaining some reciprocal satisfaction.

I compared notes with my friend only to find he had also had a similar level of interest, from the same women, using the same words, exactly the same words. This chapter of my life is not in ‘Tidy up on your way out..’. This is not because I am ashamed but because I am embarrassed that I parted with £70 for fuck all benefit.

Given the level of time and expenditure I have invested in these dating sites I would like to know how far the deception has gone. Given some of the odd women I have dated and the sheer volume of women I liked who never contacted me again I have a question? Do you actually send women out on dates to keep people paying? I would like to think the answer is yes so I can finally rid myself of the demons of rejection that haunted me during the online dating years.

Still I suppose the old principle of ‘let the buyer beware’ applies here. It should not surprise anyone that an industry such as online dating, that has seen huge growth, is going to attract a few sharks whose primary interest is making money.

Even the well-established sites do not appear to play entirely fairly. Assuming the fairy tale ending happens for you and you get a girlfriend or boyfriend (or you just get bored) have you noticed how convoluted the process of de-registration is? It would be easier to build your own dating site than it is to leave one.

Even when you have got a girlfriend or got a guy they insist on continuing to send you notices that people have looked at your profile or messaged you. They don’t want you to be eternally happy they want you to be lured back into the intrigue of who else might be out there, especially if they catch you after a disagreement or in a moment of doubt about your current girl or guy.

Remember, they want to keep you hooked on the dating drug as long as humanly possible.