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Just as some relief from the Christmas Hangover comes in the form of the January Paycheck those in loving (or otherwise) relationships have to deal with the next commercial spend fest that is Valentines Day.

When I was married I was grateful for this annual reminder that I loved someone, because it was increasingly slipping my mind as time went on.

Saint Valentine , for whom we have to thank for this reminder, was put in prison for performing marriages for soldiers which was a big no no at the time . Whilst in prison he is said to have healed the sick daughter of  the jailer looking after him. Before his execution he wrote her a letter and signed off with the now infamous “Your Valentine”.

I wonder if what really happened was that he was caught by the jailer giving his daughter a good ‘healing’ and was executed as a result? We will never know.

Years later Chaucer referenced Valentine in a poem (probably looking for something to rhyme with ‘moan and whine’) and a romantic habit, fuelled by marketeers, was born. Florists, confectioners, jewellers and restaurants truly experience LOVE at this time of year.

I love wandering the streets and gazing in the restaurants at this time of year. Thousands of bemused and bored looking couples sat in packed restaurants that make battery chicken farms look like avian penthouses. Munching on food from the overpriced “Valentine Day menu”  trying desperately to think of romantic things to say to each other and avoiding eye contact for fear of giving away that they would rather be watching football or Coronation Street.


Valentines Day is for singles a time of great tidings for two reasons

1: You get to avoid the pain and cost associated with trying to book a table, order flowers, chocolate etc

2: You are gifted with a unique evening where you can assume that anyone out and about on their own, or with friends, is likely to be single so you can ask them out for a drink or a coffee

As for me I will be participating, with my girlfriend,  in the ritual I so horribly scorned above.

Happy Valentines Day and remember its just a day; you can be happy whatever your situation.